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CellepathicRx Health & Wellness solutions help organizations optimize the health and well-being of their members. We accomplish this by providing personalized technology solutions that align with your organization's other wellness programs and allow participants the ability to permanently change lifestyle and high-risk behaviors for long term healthier outcomes. Our wellness programs can be tailored to address any health condition and utilizes mobile technologies combined with behavioral science methodologies for improved patient engagement.




Underlying the CellepathicRx Health & Wellness solution is a design to address and minimize the known causes for poor health behavior, such as low motivation to change behavior, emotional distress, social stigma, low health literacy, disorganization, and of course, access to wellness programs.

Our solutions incorporate proven behavior modification techniques that are used in other areas such as adherence. Some of the techniques that can be used to tailor a solution to your target population include:

  • Personalized, automated reminder & health care messaging
  • Targeted education and motivational messaging
  • Self-screening tools
  • Mode of communication choice - phone, email, SMS text, etc.
  • Electronic tracker journals associated to condition
  • Participant surveys and assessments

Our health and wellness programs help your members avoid preventable illnesses, control health care costs, and ultimately improve their overall health. As a result employees are less absent and more productive, executives are able to do more, children are healthier, parents are happier, and lives are improved.


Enrollment call-to-action messages are seamlessly integrated into your ongoing programs and existing advertisements and are designed to allow participants to self-register in a method that fits their daily behavior. Enrollment is accomplished either through the web, by responding to an SMS text call-to-action keyword campaign or automatically by third party systems.

As part of the enrollment process, the participant may be asked to supply a foundational set of information, such as age, gender or relevant medical history allowing a base profile to be created. The system uses this profile to personalize the user experience and customize the participant’s initial management plan.

Participant Dialogue

We engage members in a trusted and ongoing dialogue right from the beginning. We ensure private interactions are kept private and send milestone and event-triggered messaging throughout a member’s health journey. In addition, we allow the member to specify their preferences for ongoing communication across modalities and continually adjust interactions based on the member’s progress.


  • Improved member health
  • Members with more self confidence & skill in improving health
  • Control health care related costs

Software as a Service (SaaS)

CellepathicRx solutions are provided as a hosted and managed service. Clients do not need to buy any additional software, hardware, or devices. CellepathicRx provides the computing environment and software infrastructure and keeps the systems up and running 24/7. The result is faster, more reliable and more cost-effective solutions.

Like all CellepathicRx solutions, the Health & Wellness solution is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements of HIPAA concerning patient privacy and data protection.


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